My Name is Sam, and I Love Thumbnails

Schoeps CMIT Rocket

I’ve spent much of the past year writing posts for the B&H’s Insights blog, and as much as I love the written word, I’m just as smitten with visual end of the spectrum.

Technical Pro Speakers

Writing for a such a well known company certainly has its challenges. You don’t want to sound boring, but at the same time you need to respect the conservative angle required to run a successful business. So, when I felt something that I couldn’t accurately or appropriately express in words, I often tried to communicate it with the thumbnails of my blog posts.

Jazz Mutant Lemur

Now, I’m not much of a Photoshop maven. Everything I know about Photoshop I either slowly figured out myself, or learned from doing Google searches and reading tutorials. You can learn a lot with a couple of quick searches. Do you know how to make an animated gif? You will in about 10 minutes if you search and study.

B&H Photo demo tape

Writing a good article is always fulfilling, but when you can top it off with an engaging thumbnail, you know you’ve made the complete package. The thumbnail above is from a post I wrote about recording demo tapes. To get where I needed the thumbnail to go, I tried to imagine what it would be like if B&H was a band, not a store.

IK MultiMedia Kitty Attack

A co-worker of mine used to jokingly suggest that I should have an art opening at a gallery with all of my work. I figured posting a little retrospective here on my personal blog would be close enough.

Zoom H2 wearing a wig and sunglasses

So thanks for attending my impromptu thumbnail show! Have a glass of wine, mingle with the other attendees, and above all, feel free to lose yourself in the visuals. What you will experience is a mixture of audio gear, animals, and unanswered questions.

Being Christopher Walken

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