Funny story about Shannon’s website, Google Trips, Note 7 Recall, Wearing AirPods [episode 7]

NICE! This week’s episode of Mallercast is up! Listen here:

Here’s a link to Shannon’s side business, which is currently not active, but it will be back again soon…

Here’s the link to Babini Office…

Here’s Giancarlo Babini’s profile picture from Google+…


…that’s the guy I arranged a meeting for this week. Hopefully it went well.

Here’s a link to Check out the Time Machine feature where you can see the weather in the distant future. It’ll blow your mind bro.


Here’s a picture of an attractive person wearing Apple AirPods:


Here’s a picture of someone else wearing AirPods:


I kind of want AirPods, but, I’ll probably look like an ass wearing them, and it’ll likely make me upset that I can’t control the volume. But still… I want them.

Thanks for checking out this week’s show! We’ll be back next week, of course, with a new show on the morning of Thursday, September 29th.

See you then!

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