How to rate a podcast 5 stars on iTunes

How to rate a podcast 5 stars on iTunes

One of the best things you can do for a podcaster is to give them a 5-star rating on iTunes. However, doing so is a little difficult. You need either an iPhone, an iPad, an iPod touch, or a Windows or Mac computer. Plus, there are several steps required to get the job done. This blog post explains everything you need to do in excruciating detail, so you can actually do it.

Don’t worry. You got this! Let’s go…

If you have a computer and you want to use it to rate a podcast, skip to the second section of this post by clicking here. If you have an iPhone, iPad, or an iPod touch, follow the instructions directly below.

How to rate a podcast 5 stars on iTunes with an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

1. Launch the “Podcasts” app on your device. It’s the app with this icon:Apple Podcasts app icon

  • NOTE: If you can’t find this app, swipe all the way left on your home screen until you’re at that weird Search/News page thing. Tap the search field at the top and type in “Podcasts.” Apple’s Podcasts app should show up in the search results below.

2. Tap the Podcasts app icon, and after it opens, tap the Search field at the top, or the little magnifing glass icon in the lower right corner:Apple Podcasts app search fields
3. Type the name of the show you want to rate into the search field, and press the Search button.

4. In the search results, click on the image of the show you want to rate under the word Podcasts.

5. On the next page under the image of the show you want to rate, there are three tabs. The current tab “Details” will be highlighted.

6. Tap on the next tab over, which is called Reviews.

7. Tap the purple “Write a Review” link:Apple Podcasts app Write a Review screen

  • NOTE: You may need to log into iTunes at this point. If so, enter your iTunes password (annoying, right?).

8. On the next screen, tap on the 5th star to the right. This is how you give the show a 5-star rating:Apple Podcasts app 5 star rating screen
9. Next, press the Send button in the upper right corner of the screen.

  • NOTE: You can also write a nice review about the show you’re rating in this screen. Tap into the areas labeled “Title” and “Review” to do this.

10. You’re finally done!

How to rate a podcast 5 stars on iTunes with a Windows or Mac computer

The computer needs to have the iTunes program downloaded and installed. It’s free, and you can download it for either Mac or Windows at this link:

Once you have that taken care of, proceed with the steps below:

1. Launch the iTunes program on your computer. The iTunes icon looks like this:

iTunes logo

2. In the search field in the upper right corner of iTunes, type the name of the show that you want to rate, and press Enter.

  • NOTE: You should make sure the Store tab is selected, and that you are searching for “Podcasts,” the item that’s circled on the left:

How to rate a podcast 5 stars on iTunes, step 1

3. After searching, try to find the show in the results below. You may need to scroll down the screen a bit to find it. When you locate the show, click on the show’s image under the word Podcasts:

How to rate a podcast five stars on iTunes, step 2

4. On the next page, to the right of the show’s image, there are three tabs: Details, Ratings and Reviews, and Related. The current tab “Details” will be highlighted.

5. Click on the next tab over, which is named “Ratings and Reviews.”

6. Click on the 5th star to the right. This is a 5 star rating. Do did it!

If you’re an extra-special amazing person, you can then click the “Write a Review” button below the stars and write something nice about the show.

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