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The future of TV: We compare Sling TV, DIRECTV NOW, and PlayStation Vue [episode 16]

A freshly recorded episode of Mallercast is ready for you!

We chat about the future of TV, YouTubers, and Wes Anderson…

Sling TV launches cloud DVR service (in beta)…
-Runs on Apple TV or Roku
-$20 a month gets you HGTV, ESPN, AMC, Comedy Central, History, Food Net, CNN and more
-$25 bundle gets you Fox + NBC but loses ESPN + Disney
-$40 gets you all the stuff, but it’s $40
-7 Day free trial

AT&T launched DIRECTV NOW today on Nov 30th…
-Watch live TV on phone, tablet, computer or TV
-No Roku support until 2017
-AT&T Mobility customers can stream on mobile device without data usage, i.e. BIG  net neutrality issue
-Starts at $35 a month for 60+ channels
-Add HBO or Cinemax for $5 a month extra (each)
-Free Apple TV 4th Gen if you sign up for 3 months
-Doesn’t work with older Apple TV models (lame)
-Free 7 day trial

Sony PlayStation Vue…
-No PlayStation game console required
-Plans start at $29/month for HGTV and ESPN, only ABC (no NBC, CBS)
-No Apple TV app, need Roku box or Chromecast
-DVR saves shows for 28 days
-Some live shows aren’t licensed and you can’t watch


H&M hires Wes Anderson to produce a holiday commercial, and it’s lovely:

Morton Salt produces an innovative video for OK Go:

Amazon is working on a larger Echo with a 7″ screen…
-Will sound better than current Echoes
-Will cost more money
-screen will tilt upward, to be read on kitchen counter when standing
-Runs Fire OS (same as Fire tablets and Fire TV set-top box)

Kai (Kaiman Wong) leaves DigitalRev, becomes YouTuber:


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