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Autonomous grocery stores and the LingLong DingDong! [episode 17]

One week of December 2016 is finished, so here’s our show:

We talk about futuristic robotic grocery stores and the dead iPhones.

A Chinese company has announced a competitor to Amazon Echo called the LingLong DingDong. This is real.

Tesla Model S smashes into a semi truck at high speed and the driver walked away.

Amazon to open a store in Seattle called Amazon Go. There are no cashiers. Here’s a link to a story about it.

Here’s an article about how robots “..could replace 1.7 million truckers” by 2026.

Here’s a map from 2014 made by Planet Money (an excellent podcast, by the way, easily one of the best). It shows the most common job, state by state:

Map of most common jobs in USA
Here’s the link you need to find out if your iPhone 6S is a dud:

Here’s the link that shows you how to find the serial number for your phone:¬†

Lok Cheung has left Digital Rev! Oh my goodness!
He’s a “YouTuber” now. Right on. Go Lok! We’re cheering for ya!

The Outline launched. It’s weird:

Here’s the great Paul Ford piece from Bloomberg called What is Code?


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