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Fitbit employees hike, Google employees strike [episode 25]

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We chat about fitness trackers and humanitarian plight…

Thanks to an ill-conceived executive order from the White House, there was a lot of heavy news this week. It incited chaos, sadness, and frustration, and a lot of celebrities vented their anger by deleting Uber from their smartphones.

Apple earnings came out this week. The Golden Delicious god of tech sold 78 million iPhones in three short months. A new record. I guess people don’t care about having headphone jacks in their phones. Bummer.

Apple also sold 13 million iPads, around 3 million less than last year. Or something like that. It’s late on Wednesday night. I just washed a bunch of dishes. These facts may be off a little, but it’s okay.

Fitbit fired¬†110 employees following softer than expected holiday sales. Oi vey. More sad news. This week sucked. Here’s an article about the Fit Bitters.

Our current president’s executive order banned visa holders and refugees from entering country. All of the countries are of Muslim majority (Iraq, Iran, Libya, Sudan, Yemen, Somalia, Syria).

Well over 100 Google employees are now stranded away from their jobs for absolutely no reason. Talented scientists, engineers, and doctors are unable to return to the US, like Samira Asagri:

That’s all I can stand to write about this for now. We’ll return next week, and maybe, just maybe, there will be actual fun things to talk about. See you then!

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