Dummy head with binaural micrphones

Snapchat goes public and Android tries wearables again [episode 26]

Listen just to hear Shannon say “Snapchaticles” again…

We talk about Snapchat’s IPO, the launch of Ona, and Android Wear.

Our show is proudly recorded and published in mono. No stereo sound here! We like to keep it simple. But, if you want some crazy stereo sound for your productions, check out SR3D microphones.

They look like human heads (see the photo above). One of the people from that company left us some listener feedback, so we’re hooking them up with a plug. See how this works?

Single people of New York City… Check out ONA!
A new dating app for iPhone launched this week and it’s called Ona. It offers access to professional match makers, dating consultants, and more. One of my buddies is a cofounder, so definitely check it out if you’re looking for love. They got a lot of media this week, including this article in Techcrunch. Go Ona!

Verizon Wear24 and LG Watch Sport smart watches

Android Wear 2.0 is out. Yay.
It’s easier to do stuff (find apps, track fitness, etc.) You can get it on two new LG watches: the LG Watch Sport and LG Watch Style.


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2 thoughts on “Snapchat goes public and Android tries wearables again [episode 26]”

  1. Hey guys, it was a lovely surprise to hear my mention, especially as an avid audio recordist from a few years ago, I was soaking up as much audio knowledge as I possibly could, it was by watching your YouTube videos on microphone comparisons and the like, that helped me make purchase choices, I really enjoyed them.

    Soon after that I started down the binaural road and my YouTube videos that I had been working so hard on, started to slow down, and eventually stopped with soundcloud uploads being uploaded far more often because I was using the audio equipment more regularly.

    ‘Frank the binaural microphone’ was eventually created for binaural recordings, the ASMR content soon followed when the ASMR community found me after my binaural audio demo with the dummy head, the external knock still gets many users by surprise.

    I must thank you for your inspirational videos that helped me get to where I am today, and where I hope to be going into the future.

    Thank you very much Sam and Shannon!


  2. Hey, are you guys taking a break? I’m missing my Mallercast! Hope you are well.
    Also, my eldest wants to start recording herself making music- guitar and voice. She has a good laptop and a blue yeti mic. Can you recommend software and necessary gear to start recording?

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