The SpaceX Falcon 9 launching

Two anonymous billionaires floating in space [episode 27]

After TWO unplanned weeks off, we’re finally back!

We talk about billionaires floating in space and TV stuff…

We finally got a new gadget! We’re the proud owners of the Amazon Fire TV Stick.  We haven’t used it enough to talk about it in detail yet, but stay tuned to learn more about this exciting development.

A boring trade show called Mobile World Congress happened recently, and the only slightly interesting thing was that Nokia is bringing back an old phone called the 3320. It’s like time traveling back to the year 2002.



In 2018 SpaceX will send two private individuals on a trip around the moon. This is why episode 27 is entitled “two anonymous billionaires floating in space.”

There have been strong rumors for a while now about Apple making original video content, and last week they unveiled their first show, Planet of the Apps. You can check out the trailer here:

Personally, we will not be watching this show. Pass!

A popular fitness technology blogger named Ray Maker finally published his review of the Apple Watch Series 2. He found it’s pacing stability to the the worst he’s ever encountered in his 10 years of reviewing sports GPS watches. Check it out:

A new TV interface-box-thing was announced two weeks ago called Caavo. You plug all of your stuff into it (cable box, Apple TV, ROKU, Amazon Fire devices, etc.) and Cavvo does all the work to show you what you want to watch. Think of it as the ultimate universal remote.

That’s all for this week, ya’ll.


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