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How to hide your web data with a VPN [episode 30]

Oh my goodness! Episode 30! That’s a lot! Give it a listen…

We talk about protecting yourself online with VPNs and space…

Congress voted to allow internet providers to sell info like your web browsing history, the apps you use, your search history, and the content of your emails to the highest bidder. For the purpose of marketing, and who knows what else.

This has been going on for a long time, but the FCC recently fought and won to make a rule that our internet providers would have to get our permission to use this data. The recent vote in congress blocks these new rules from the FCC, and the current president of the USA recently signed the order to making it a done deal.

If you don’t like the idea of internet providers having deep access to all of your private information, you can use a VPN service on your computer and mobile devices. We explain what these are in the podcast, so give it a listen.


SpaceX launched and landed the first orbit-capable booster rocket that had previously been used for spaceflight. It’s a huge victory for SpaceX, a goal they’ve been working toward for 15 years. But it’s also a victory for mankind. It’s awesome sauce.

Finnish filmmaker Jan Fröjdman spend months stitching together 3D images of Mars to create this stunning, 4-minute video:

I learned about this because Wired wrote an article about it.

SpaceX working on space internet:

Elon backed a company that is trying to make a computer for the brain –¬†

Jeff Bezos commands a 13-foot robot at an Amazon conference called MARS about machine learning, home automation, robotics, and space exploration.

A blogger named Michael Tsai shared a snippet of my Apple TV 2 Review on his blog, and it was super cool –¬†

Samsung announced the Galaxy S8. Looks a lot like what people have in mind for the next iPhone. It looks great. I’m not into it for myself, but I hope Samsung has a success with this one.


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Phew! That’s a wrap for season 3. Dang. This is a lot of work. We¬†will be back soon. One of the main reasons I decided to chop the show into 10-episode seasons was to create an excuse to take a short break. But we will be back by mid April at the latest. Who knows, we may be back in one short week. Either way, see you soon and THANK YOU for listening! :)

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