The Nest Cam IQ security camera

The new Nest Cam IQ: Everything you need to know [episode 37]

The great electronic eye of the Nest Cam IQ sees all!

This week we talk about a gadget we actually might buy…

Today Nest announced the Nest Cam IQ, an internet-connected security camera with lots of neat features and a somewhat chunky price tag:

  • It captures 4K video and outputs 1080p — the 4K enables it to
    automatically zoom in while the picture remains high-definition
  • Additional $100 a year cloud service called “Nest Aware” saves 10-days of video and audio recording, and allows the Cam IQ to recognize faces (family, friends) and it will send you an alert when stranger’s faces are detected
  • It has a speaker that’s 7 times louder than the one on the older Nest Cam
  • Nest Aware also utilizes the 3-microphone array to detect and alert you if it hears a breaking window, people talking, dog barking
  • Camera can zoom in and track a person around a room
  • For four cameras, Nest Aware service costs $250 a year in the USA


In July or August NASA will launch a space probe that will orbit the sun, and come eight times closer to the sun than any spacecraft. It’s called the Parker Solar Probe, and it’s named after Eugene Parker, an astrophysicist who discovered solar wind in the 1950’s. It’s the first time NASA has named a mission after a living person (Eugene is 89).

The young Mark Gurman (a dude at Bloomberg) reported today that Apple has started manufacturing their Amazon Echo-like “Siri Speaker,” and it will place emphasis on sound quality. Good luck, Apple!

The Essential Phone was announced this week, made by Android founder Andy Rubin


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