The planet Jupiter as viewed from the Juno spacecraft

Why is Tabby’s Star dimming again? [episode 36]

This week we talk about a possible alien megastructure…

We also chat about Jupiter and newsletters for teenage girls!

Tabby’s star, also known as KIC 8462852, is acting up again. I wrote a forum post on The Verge about this star when the news of its unusual dimming was first getting attention back in October of 2015. Read what I wrote at that link to get up to speed with the topic (it’s written pretty clearly, I must say).

This very star is in the news again. It was discovered by Tabetha Boyajian. Basically, we haven’t observed it dim, the dimming was only seen by the Kepler telescope. But, it recently started dimming again, and this time the entire scientific community had their telescopes pointed at it. This time there will be a lot more data on the dimming, because the various kinds of telecopes pointed at it will gather different kinds of info.

Juno visits Jupiter:

National Geographic ran a story about the unusual photographs that Juno had captured. I spotted a little typo in the piece, and engaged with the author about it:

This week I signed Shannon up to start receiving Cover Letter, a weekday email newsletter for teenage girls, and me, a 44 year-old dude.

T.J. Miller, the actor who plays the excellent Erlich Bachman character, will not be returning for the fifth season of Silicon Valley.


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