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How to fill your home with virtual Ikea furniture [episode 39]

Woah. The final episode of season four! Join us for the party:

We talk about augmented reality Ikea apps and ELON…

Last week we forgot to talk about the new ARkit in iOS 11. Basically, it turns any iPhone or iPad into an augmented reality armed powerhouse. Check out this cycling route app that a developer put together extremely quickly:

Apple adding podcast analytics to their Podcasts app

Really like the Apple executives (Phill Schiller, Craig Federrici)

The Verge published a book excerpt about “the secret origin of the iPhone” and it’s a great read – https://www.theverge.com/2017/6/13/15782200/one-device-secret-history-iphone-brian-merchant-book-excerpt

Tim Cook admits that Apple is “focused on autonomous systems” – https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-06-13/cook-says-apple-is-focusing-on-making-an-autonomous-car-system

Travis Kalanick taking leave of absence from Uber: https://twitter.com/i/moments/874677333789159425

Board member resigned this morning. Uber is a mess.


Worm grows two heads in space – https://www.livescience.com/59461-worm-grows-two-heads-in-space.html


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3 thoughts on “How to fill your home with virtual Ikea furniture [episode 39]”

  1. Hey Sam and Shannon,
    Just saw this and wondered if you had tried it out yet. Sounds like an Alexa that is not always listening. I have so far resisted assistants that are always monitoring. But is Alexa like Siri in that it answers questions or is it just for shopping? I guess I am foggy on AI avatars and their associated devices and overlords- Alexa on Echo for Amazon, Siri on Apple devices for Apple, Google? on Google Home for Google?

  2. Hi John,

    The new Amazon Dash Wand that was announced today does have Alexa built in. You need to press a button to get her to start listening to you. Since it’s a battery-powered device, it does not listen all the time, otherwise it would kill the battery too quickly. Another limitation of the new wand is that you cannot play music through it, which is there because of the battery constraint. Listening to music through a wand probably isn’t the best experience, anyhow.

    There is another Alexa device called the Echo Tab. It’s like a portable, battery-powered smart speaker. When it first came out, you needed to push a button to get Alexa to listen to you. After a while, Amazon updated the software to make it listen all the time.

    If you’re worried about snooping microphones in your house, it might be best to avoid these things completely. One day Amazon could theoretically send out a software update that made the wand listen all the time.

    I bought the new wand today to take advantage of a deal they were running for Prime members. It was $20, and after I receive it and register the product, I will get $20 awarded to my Amazon account. Too cheap to pass up!

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