A virtual measuring tape app using Apple's ARKit

How to measure furniture in augmented reality [episode 40]

We have arrived in season 5! Join us, dear listener:

We debate Zillow vs. the McMansion Hell blog and more…

This week on the blog:
I wrote a hands-on review of the new Amazon Dash Wand with Alexa. I like it, but after using it for a week and a half, I find that I don’t use it that much. Shannon likes it, however, so that impresses me. She’s not much of a technology fan.

This week Zillow threatened to sue a tiny blog called McMansion Hell that’s written by one person over the use of photographs that Zillow does not own. Shannon and I debated it early in the show, and it got a little tense. Shannon is in favor of Zillow, I am in favor of the McMansion Hell blog. I would provide a link to this person’s blog, but they temporarily removed their site from the internet.

Google is being fined $2.7 billion dollars in the EU for prioritizing their own Google Shopping results in Europe. Here’s a link if you want to learn more – https://www.wired.com/story/google-big-eu-fine/

Look how amazing these ARKit projects are:

Travis Kalanick resigned as the CEO of Uber this week. It made a bunch of their employees upset, but personally, I think he went way too far over the line. He was such a competitive person that he was endangering the health of the company, so he had to go. Sorry Travis! We look forward to what you get into next…

Here’s the video of the excellent Scott Forestall interview. The part with Scott starts one hour into it, but the first hour is with three engineers from the original iPhone team, and you might enjoy watching them, too. But the interview with Scott is juicer:


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