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How to set up Sonos One with Alexa

The Sonos One is an excellent-sounding smart speaker that has the Amazon Alexa digital assistant built in. You just speak to it, and Alexa does what you ask her to do, such as playing your favorite music. This post features clearly written step-by-step instructions that explain how to get it working.

I made a video that explains how to do this:

If you’re looking for written instructions, they being below…

The first thing you need to do is to download the “Sonos Controller” app on your mobile device. If you have an Apple iPhone or iPad, you download this using the “App Store” app. The App Store icon looks like this:

The Apple App Store icon

If you have an Android device, you need to download the Sonos app using the Google Play app. The Google Play app icon looks like this:

The Google Play iconJust tap on the icon and search the word “Sonos.” The name of the Sonos app in the Apple App Store is “Sonos Controller.” I imagine it has the same name in Google Play.

Download the Sonos app and open it. If this is your very first Sonos product, you need to create a Sonos account. Go ahead and do this now.

If you already have a Sonos product besides the Sonos One, you likely already have the Sonos app, and you’re likely already logged in. This is good.

Next, you need to download the Amazon Alexa app. Open either the Apple App Store or Google Play (depending on what kind of mobile device you have), and search for the Amazon Alexa app. The icon of this app looks like this:

The Amazon Alexa app icon as it appears on Apple devices

After you download and launch the Amazon Alexa app, it will prompt you to either sign in (using your regular Amazon.com credentials), or to create a new Amazon account. Go ahead and do that stuff.

It may seem a bit redundant, but go ahead and open the Sonos app on your mobile device again. This time tap the “More” button in the lower right corner (it has three dots that looks like this ⋅⋅⋅ above it.

Next, tap “Settings.”

Next, tap “Add a Player or SUB” at the top.

The app will then ask you to sign into your Sonos account. Tap “Next →” in the top right corner to do so.

Enter in your email and password, then tap the “Sign in” button at the bottom.

After you successfully sign in, the Sonos app will tell you to plug in your Sonos One. Go ahead and get the power cord that came in the box, connect it to the bottom of the Sonos One, and plug the other end into an AC outlet.

Next, a green flashing light should start blinking on the top of your Sonos One. If your light doesn’t start flashing, uhh… Try calling Sonos support at 800-680-2345 in the USA. For the other countries, the phone numbers are on the Quickstart Guide that came in the box.

If the little green light is flashing, tap the “Continue” button in the app. At this point, the app will magically find the Sonos One in your house. It should say “We found 1 player near you: One, white.” If you have a black Sonos One, I imagine it will say “One, black.”

Either way, tap the “Set up this player” button at the bottom.

Next, the app will tell you to press the button on the back of your Sonos One. Press that thing. If all is going well, your Sonos One will emit a pleasing chime tone.

At this point, the Sonos app will connect to your Sonos One speaker. When it’s finished doing that, it will ask you to choose the room that you’re going to use it in. Go ahead and do that.

Once you’ve got that sorted out, the Sonos app will update your Sonos One for some reason, so let that happen. The light on your Sonos One will have an orange blink during this process.

When the update finishes, you will be asked if you want to tune your speakers using TruePlay. Go ahead and do this. I haven’t written instructions for this part, but at this point I have faith in you. You got this.

After that is done, the Sonos app will ask you to sign into Amazon. Tap the “Sign in to Amazon” button at the bottom.

You will be prompted with the message:

“Sonos” wants to open “Amazon”

Tap “Open.”  Next, you need to agree to the terms of service (or something). Tap the “I agree” button.

After you do this, Alexa should spring to life and say hello to you. Now it’s your turn to speak to her. Say the following aloud:

“Alexa, discover my devices.”

You’re like done it that point. Start talking to Alexa. Ask her the weather. Ask her what time the nearest pizza place closes. Ask her to play Sly and the Family Stone.

Lastly, I would like to ask you something… If my blog post was helpful, you can help me back by clicking on this link before you buy something on Amazon. I’ll get a tiny commission, if you do that, even if you’re just buying a little wig for your dog.


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