Okay. This blog can’t just be about production gear.

I’ve decided that if I dedicate this blog entirely to production equipment that it’ll be kinda dull. I’m obsessed with production gear, but even I would find a blog entirely dedicated to equipment a total nightmare. So now I’m going to share with you the orange that I peeled apart today in one fell swoop. One big ole’ chunk of orange peel. One of life’s many tiny, tiny victories.

Ahhhh…. there. I feel much better now.

I bought a boundary mic

I recently snapped up this Audix ADX-60 boundary mic!

I have no immediate need for it, but I it’ll come in handy on different kinds of film & video shoots. These kinds of mics are fun to experiment with when recording music too. It’s not as nice as a Schoeps BLM boundary mic, but I got a crazy good price on this Audix and I couldn’t pass it up.

I upgraded to SM Series Lectrosonics!

Check it out, I recently scored some Lectrosonics SM series transmitters!

My SR receiver is in the mail and should be here any day. I’m pretty stoked about this. It was a huge investment, but, now I’ve got the best gear money can buy (in all fairness, Zaxcom makes really good equipment too).

I’ve got one SMD transmitter, and one SMQ. Both take two AA batteries. The SMD is 100 mW, and the SMQ is 250 mW. In other words, the SMQ has a super powerful transmission.