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Why do we create music, videos, still images, and stories? There are many possible answers, but perhaps the most unifying one is to share. To give our creations an audience. To connect with people with whom we have no connection.

Behind every creation there are people and there are processes. While the finished product is the goal, the reward can be often be found elsewhere: the journeys, the discoveries, the insights. This is what I’m all about.

I’m a writer, musician, photographer and video producer living in Durham, NC. Whatever I get into, I usually find that writing is the engine behind it all. That’s one of the reasons I love making this blog.

I enjoy sharing what I learn about production on this site, and writing about the entire creative process. I’m also fascinated with technology, and often write about that as well.

Ethics Statement

I express my personal opinion on this website, and it’s never influenced by outside forces. I often review equipment, and I strive to share as objective of an opinion as possible. If I like something about a piece of gear, I will surely tell you about it. I will also explain what’s bad about the equipment. When you visit this site, you will only encounter untainted information.

Manufacturers sometimes send me equipment to review. I am sometimes asked to send the gear back after a certain period of time, and there are occasions when the manufacturer wants me to keep the equipment. No matter what any given situation may be, I am fully committed to only sharing my honest opinion.

How you can help

It’s easy to help me keep this website running. All you need to do is this: before you make a purchase on Amazon.com, simply click on a product that I link in one of my posts. If you’re outside the USA, please use the “Purchase Links” section at the bottom of the posts.

So, if I’m about Canned Unicorn Meat, click that link before you make any purchases on Amazon, and I will get a tiny commission for the sale.



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That’s all! Thanks – Sam