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  1. Hi Sam,
    Liked your music video and also your review on the H5, which I recently purchased. I recorded some drumming a while back with all my drums mic’d up using an 8 channel Saffire Pro interface direct to computer (iMac) with ProTools (a friend mixed and produced). I wanted to simplify so I can record myself, when I want without having to have ProTool chops. I decided to go with the H5 with the dual xlr module for a four channel set up. I have two AudioTechnica Pro 37 condenser mic’s for overheads, a Shure Beta 52A for the kick and a Shure SM57 for the snare. All of this will go through the H5 piggy backed on top of my Nikon D3200 SLR. Sounds like I set it up right. Don’t know if I’ll need the Sethcom (????) cable from H5 to D3200 for line level output/input or not. Still just getting into learning how to record and what settings to make on the H5, what mode to record in, etc. My previous recordings can be heard on “Michael Leonard Drum Covers on YouTube.” I hope this new system simplifies things and sounds not as “produced.” Your thoughts on do’s or don’ts’. You seem to really have this recording thing down. Love your squirrel. Will try to help you out if I can. Peace and keep playing!

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