Infographic: Music service options visualized with iPhone home buttons

The iPhone home button symbolizes simplicity, but, when it comes to music services ‚ÄĒ¬†it’s¬†anything but simple. The overlapping options¬†offered by Apple, Google, and Amazon are terribly¬†confusing. Below they’re visualized with multiple iPhone home buttons. Why? For the hell of it…

Original iPhone with 6 home buttons

Google Pixel Phone with four iPhone home buttons

Amazon Fire Phone with four iPhone home buttons

Xiaomi Mix with iPhone button

Burned Samsun Galaxy Note 7


So there you have it, a silly post. If you found it entertaining, you can support me by using these links when you shop at Amazon USA, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, or Amazon France. Thanks!

How to rate a podcast 5 stars on iTunes

One of the best things you can do for a podcaster is to give them a 5-star rating on iTunes. However, doing so is a little difficult. You need either an iPhone, an iPad, an iPod touch, or a Windows or Mac computer. Plus, there are several steps required to get the job done. This blog post explains everything you need to do in excruciating detail, so you can actually do it. Continue reading How to rate a podcast 5 stars on iTunes

Even with $200 billion, Apple still struggles with software development

Apple announced a quarterly revenue this week of $49.6 billion ‚ÄĒ over $10 billion of which was sheer profit.¬†iPhone sales are up, and the Apple Watch is selling well. But even with this cash-soaked¬†earnings call, Apple still had a shitty week. Continue reading Even with $200 billion, Apple still struggles with software development

iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s: Does Steve Jobs Have Their Back?

When the iPhone 4 was announced way back in 2010, the most perplexing thing about it was the choice of glass for its back panel. For a device that you carry around in your pocket all day, it seemed unnecessarily precarious. Some people theorized that it aided signal reception, others thought it would shatter more easily, necessitating a costly replacement. I had my own theory: I thought Apple would eventually add a second screen to the rear, so you could take better selfies, have nicer looking video chats, and see notifications when the phone was face down. The glass back of the iPhone 4 was just there to get users accustomed to the feel.

Continue reading iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s: Does Steve Jobs Have Their Back?

Apple’s Biggest Misstep in iOS 7

Following the unveiling of iOS 7 at WWDC 2013 earlier this week, there’s been a great deal of criticism hurled at Apple, much of it coming from some of their most loyal devotees. I have to say that I disagree with most of what is being said. By and large, the most¬†unanimous hatred is focused on¬†the design of the¬†new icons. Personally, I’m really pleased with them. Look at the old camera icon next to the new one:


The old icon looks totally¬†bizarre¬†to me now. It’s much more a disembodied cyborg’s eyeball than a camera icon. Continue reading Apple’s Biggest Misstep in iOS 7

Google Squint: The New iOS Gmail App

After hearing near universal praise for Version 2.0 of Google’s Gmail app for iOS, I gave it a try on my iPhone 4. The app proved to be modern and sleek, however, in my opinion, it has a very basic, and very damning flaw. Simply put, the text is far too small and thin. I end up squinting a lot when I try to read emails, and my vision is pretty darn good. Here’s a¬†juxtaposition¬†of the same email, the old iPhone mail app is on the left, the new Gmail app is on the right:

Like the new Google Search app for iPad and iPhone, the new Gmail app seems like an attempt on Google’s part to Android-ize your Apple gadgets. However, by supplying an email app that favors visual flair over readability, you have to question the decision makers at the helm.

A Visual History of Pinch to Zoom

I was curious about the origin of the Pinch-to-Zoom touchscreen gesture, however, I was unable to find a resource that displayed all of the examples of this popular command. I decided to do some research, and share my findings here. What follows likely isn’t the whole story, however, the process of creating this post really helped me better understand the subject.

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Droid Sheds First Tear for Nonexistent iPhone 5

The fervor surrounding the rumored teardrop-shaped iPhone 5 was freakishly high in late September 2011. And when a familiar-looking, boxy iPhone was revealed on October 4th, it sincerely disappointed the masses. However, just because Apple didn’t release a slope-shaped smartphone, overeager companies still manufactured cases for it. Motorola went as far as releasing the new Droid Razr, a teardrop-shaped smartphone designed to compete with a nonexistent rival. Continue reading Droid Sheds First Tear for Nonexistent iPhone 5

The iLife: It Feels Like Someone Else’s Life, But it’s My Life

Apple iPad 2, iPhone 4, MacBook Pro, Apple TV, AirPort ExtremeAfter going back and forth for several months between lusting after an iPad 2 and being indifferent about it, I finally grew tired of the seesaw of desires and surrendered my credit card. What’s unsettling is not only am I the owner of a shiny new iPad 2, but now I’m one of those weirdos who has the entire range of the Apple-branded revolution gadgets in my home. While these products are fun and exciting to play with, I can’t help but feel a bit like a conformist. I’ve become that latte-sipping, croissant-munching stereotype that people love to hate. Continue reading The iLife: It Feels Like Someone Else’s Life, But it’s My Life

The Best Camera is the Phone You Have With You

Recently I was given access to some really nice DSLR cameras at work, so I can take better pictures for business purposes. I had the Nikon D90 last week, and it was really fun to mess around with. I took some product shots for work, and I managed to shoot a short video that I may or may not upload to YouTube after I edit it. 720p with shallow depth-of-field, baby!

A cool building in midtown NYC

But there’s an old saying that I’ve heard a lot over the years: “The best camera is the one that you have with you.” The D90 was awesome, and I recommend it as a good choice for a DSLR, but any camera like that with a real lens on it is large, and you can’t just throw it in you backpack every morning to have it at all times. So even though I had that nice camera last week, the best photo I took during that time came from my trusty old iPhone 3Gs.