Aliens attack a distant star! [episode 1]

Hey! The first episode of Mallercast is up! Give it a listen here:

These are the show notes, which include links to the subjects we discussed, a larger version of our official show image, a little widget that enables you to record a voice message for the show, and a place to sign up for our newsletter. Check it out!


Check out our official show image:


What’s that? You want the show notes? Oh. Okay…

Here’s the Motherboard article about our favorite star: KIC 84628552

Here’s a direct link to the Ben Montet and Joshua Simon’s paper:

Here’s a link to the 10 Strangest Things in Space article:

Top 10 Strangest Things In Space

Thanks for giving it a listen! The next show will be published on Thursday, August 18th. See ya soon! Oh yeah, one more thing…

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