Elon Saves the Universe [episode 2]

Woo-hoo! The second episode of Mallercast is up! Listen to it here:

Check out the show notes below to see a rocket ship take off (and land), drool over a beautiful picture of the Tesla Model 3, see the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 that everyone loves, find out how you can leave Listener Feedback, and learn how to rate us 5 stars on iTunes. Check it out!

Watch Sunday’s successful SpaceX launch (and landing):

Here’s a picture of the Tesla Model 3 that I ordered immediately after taping the show:

Tesla Model 3

This is the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone that every tech reviewer on the planet proclaimed to be the greatest Android phone ever made:

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

How to rate us 5 stars on iTunes:

Unfortunately, you can’t do this on the Mallercast iTunes page.

To rate us, just follow the clearly written instructions in this post. Do it, man!

Please contact us and give us any Listener Feedback you have:
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That’s all for now! The next show will be published on the morning of Thursday, August 25th. See you then!

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