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A theoretical chat about Pandora Premium and smart clothing [episode 29]

Take those elbows out of your ears and listen to this podcast:

We chat about internet-connected jackets and pandora’s box…

Have you noticed that I write something new in our show notes each and every week? Seriously. The whole thing is new every time, even the awful bits where I try to get you to sign our mailing list and rate us on iTunes. I do this so search engines won’t penalize my site for publishing duplicate content.

To put a positive spin on this drudgery, I approach it as a creative writing challenge. Can I write the same thing over and over every week in a new, fresh way? The only way to find out if I succeed is to religiously read our show notes, week after exhaustive week.

Pandora debuted their music streaming service this week. It’s called Pandora Premium. It’s pretty much the same thing as Spotify and Apple Music. We talk about it. It’s wild. It’s crazy.

Levi's Commuter Trucker Jacket with Project Jacquard

Google and Levi’s showed off their $350 Project Jacquard smart jean jacket. It’s from Google’s ATAP group (Advanced Technologies and Projects). It enables you to screen calls and skip songs by stroking the fabric on the cuff. Odd, but true.


A prototype Tesla Model 3 was seen “in the wild” last week driving down the street. Here’s an example of an exciting detail: The windows were rolled down…

A SpaceX launch was postponed this week, and will likely happen at 1:30 am, shortly after this show is published. The Falcon 9 will ditch in the sea. Not enough fuel to land. Sad trombone…


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  1. Hey, I remember that show, when Hidden Driveways came to town! I’m leaning toward 98. Great show! I think I still have the cassette somewhere. Also, thanks for info on home recording setups.

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