The first view of the SpaceX Space Suit, August 2017

We stare at the SpaceX spacesuit for two hours [episode 42]

Your monthly dose of Mallercast has arrived!

We talk about sitting on the couch, cool spacesuits, and ice cream trucks…

Okay. So, last month we promised you a new show format. It was going to be an edited, highly-polished, story-telling type of radio show. This American Life. Radiolab. 99% Invisible. Mallercast. Cut from the same cloth.

It didn’t work out that way.

Why? Well, we explain in the show. Give it a listen. It’s fun.

Is the dream dead? No sir. Just wait until October. Then you’ll see. We’re going to knock your NPR-branded socks off. In the meantime, we sort of return to the old format. Tech talk!

This month, we wax poetic about the recently revealed SpaceX Spacesuit:

Thanks for listening, dear human. We will be back with another episode… uhh… sometime soon-esque. 👌

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