These are the gifts you want for the holidays

It’s already happening. Your family and friends are asking what gifts you want for the holidays, and you’re not answering. You’re blowing it. Do yourself a big favor and supply them with solid suggestions for actual gifts you would like to receive. How? By referring to this guide. That’s it! You’re almost done. Do it…

A Fake GoPro

SJ4000 Action Camera

A great gift to get is a fake GoPro. Why? They’re dramatically cheaper than real GoPros (even the entry-level GoPro HERO), which makes them attainable as gifts. The one I recommend is the SJCAM SJ4000. It Continue reading These are the gifts you want for the holidays

My One Year Anniversary Post! (…and a dorky video)

One year ago today I made my first blog post at Granted, it was a pretty dull post, but it was a start. This website started out as a way for me to get more work as a production sound mixer. I ran the site for a while like this, but I thought it was kind of boring. I added the blog section to kind of liven things up with some fresh content.

This site still serves its main purpose as my location audio resume, but I’m having fun writing the blog too. I’m really glad that people are getting involved, posting comments, and saying hello.

Like my first post one year ago, there isn’t much point to this post either, but I figured I’d leave you with something. Below is a video I shot a little while ago. It was the first video I made on the Nikon D90. It’s a little how-to video for making an echo effect with two mobile phones. Check it out:

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Okay. This blog can’t just be about production gear.

I’ve decided that if I dedicate this blog entirely to production equipment that it’ll be kinda dull. I’m obsessed with production gear, but even I would find a blog entirely dedicated to equipment a total nightmare. So now I’m going to share with you the orange that I peeled apart today in one fell swoop. One big ole’ chunk of orange peel. One of life’s many tiny, tiny victories.

Ahhhh…. there. I feel much better now.